Why You Should Use Tag Manager? The Truth About Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager is a free tool by Google that is becoming more and more talked about. It’s a very useful tool that allows users to insert several codes into the backend of a website. 

This comparatively newer tool is getting talked about in various forums, events, etc. Some say it is useful for tracking visitors much easier, while some others say that you’ll be able to insert tracking codes all by yourself. You won’t need any developers. 

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What is Google Tag Manager?

Before we tell you more about Google tag manager, i.e., how it can be useful, let’s say something more about the tool itself.

Using Google Tag Manager, you can install various types of codes (tags) for your website. Tags like Google Analytics tracking code, Google Analytics event code, remarketing tags, and Google Ads conversion scripts. Using GTM, several other types of tracking codes can be inserted, including custom codes.

Previously, Google Analytics tracking codes had to be hardcoded, usually by developers, on each individual page. With GTM, your tags are stored in one place, your GTM account. 

Reasons You Should Use Google Tag Manager

As mentioned, using Google Tag Manager has a lot of benefits. For example, GTM allows you to test your tags. You can always click on them to test whether they are triggered when you load the right page or click a particular button. If you are looking for reasons to use Google Tag Manager, here are some of them.

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Fast deployment of tracking codes

Before GTM was introduced, deploying tracking codes was done by developers after a marketer decided to start a new marketing campaign. 

With the introduction of GTM, deploying and managing tracking codes gets very easy. With GTM, you can easily ditch the developer, and you can deploy most of the codes by yourself. The tags are called codes, and you can manage them via the GTM interface.

With GTM, adding tracking codes is very easy, and it speeds up several processes. You can use new codes without changing the codes of the website.

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Manage All Tags in One Place

Earlier, when tag management was not very well-known, every code used to be hardcoded in the website’s/app’s source code. The worst part is that these JavaScript codes used to remain scattered across different files. So, when you needed to make changes to the code, the developers had to find the codes and then make changes to them. With GTM, all tags are managed in one place, and thus it becomes very easy to make changes to the tags. 

Testing Tools

The Preview and Debug mode of Google Tag Manager helps you troubleshoot and correct tag errors. It shows the tags that are fired on a page and also which ones are not. Among the testing tools, there are also triggers that fire tags and data contained within tracking tags.

Reusable Container Templates

With Google Tag Manager, it’s easy to export all tags, triggers, and variables into a single file which you can import later. This means that you can use commonly-used tracking codes or settings to create your own template.

Agencies that cater to businesses’ digital marketing requirements have to implement standard Google Analytics such as page view tracking, outbound link clicks, etc. And in this situation, GTM can be of immense help. 

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GTM is Free

The best part is that this comprehensive tool to manage tags and codes is free. Though there’s a premium version of it, the free version of GTM is more than enough for a lot of businesses, both small and medium. 

Simple Tracking of Events

To track events like clicks, form submissions, etc., you have to add specific JavaScript codes to websites. Earlier, it was developers who used to do that. But now, with Google Tag Manager, things have become easier. GTM comes with a feature of auto event tracking. All you have to do is enable some triggers in GTM so that it starts listening to particular interactions on a web page. Using the value of these interactions, you can fire tracking codes, e.g., Google Analytics Event Tag.

With GTM, you can track basic events such as clicks, link clicks, form submissions, time spent on a page, etc. 

The GTM community is also growing with GTM enthusiasts, and with that, the number of auto-event tracking functions is growing rapidly. There’s also a facility to add custom features such as scroll depth, new comments, and more.

With this feature, you can gain insights into what action people take on your website. For instance, you can understand whether or not viewers are engaging with the content. You can easily use these analytics data to create specific goals for your business. 

Tag Templates

There are several built-in tags in GTM for use in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads conversions, and more. You can easily customize tags without implementing complex code. And thus, you need little to no coding knowledge. Also, you do not need to ask for the developer’s help. 

Versions, Workspace, and Environments

Whenever you publish a change to a container (the place where all your tracking codes are stored), GTM creates a new version. However, switching to an earlier version is easy too. If you have accidentally made any changes to a live site, you can easily revert to a previous version. Just moved over to the Versions page and published a previous version.

If you want to control the installation across live websites or apps, you can do it easily using the environment feature. Using this tag management feature, you can publish your tags to different environments, for example, a testing server, so you do not have to change your live version while publishing.

The workspace feature allows different team members to work in the same Google Tag Manager.

Bottom Line

Google Tag Manager is a useful tool with which you can manage tags or codes of your website very easily. It’s a comparatively newer tool by Google, and the best part is that it is completely free. With all your tracking codes in one place, tracking and managing codes become very easy with GTM. 

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