What is the Impact of SEO on Brand Awareness and How to Measure it?

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If you own a business and if it is comparatively newer, you need to focus on creating and enhancing brand awareness. This will help people recognize your brand easily. Not only will people recognize the brand name, but people will also know what your business is about and what your values are.

If you are to increase brand awareness, many digital marketers will advise you to utilize social media and other platforms. However, SEO too can be of great help in increasing brand awareness. Although SEO is generally utilized to gain organic traffic, it can also promote brand awareness and strengthen branding.

Who doesn’t want to implement a good SEO strategy to rank their business on the top spot in Google or any other SERPs? After all, that will mean more organic traffic and more clicks! But have you ever thought that building brand awareness and SEO could go together?

Ranking in the top spot increases the visibility, authority, and engagement of the brand. Thus, a good SEO strategy can help your business earn and grow recognition in the market.

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SEO and Brand Awareness: What’s the Relationship Between Them?

As mentioned, building brand awareness is a must for companies to grow. Every company targets building awareness for its brand so that people recognize them immediately. So, the marketing strategies of organizations involve actions that support their target.

Although most marketers say that building brand awareness will involve advertising your brand on social media, SEO too can be a major boost to building your brand.

SEO involves building and applying strategies to websites and web pages to help them rank better. Meaning, that a proper SEO strategy will help business websites to rank high in SERPs. This mostly involves including content that helps people with their queries, and thus the brand gains recognition and authority in its particular field of operation. Thus with a proper SEO strategy implied, businesses gain brand recognition without investing in media investments. Isn’t it just great!

On the other hand, brand awareness reinforces the SEO strategy. As the brand becomes well-known to people, it automatically becomes more searched on Google and attains authority in its field of work. As the brand gains authority, the CTR also increases and becomes popular, and people tend to think that the content they are getting is more reliable and comprehensive.

Thus, SEO and brand awareness are complementary to each other. Getting to the top position in the SERPs gives the brand more recognition, while with the increase in brand awareness, the brand name becomes more visible in Google’s algorithm.

Benefits of SEO in Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be built using several strategies, and SEO is one of them. However, SEO is often overlooked as a way of building brand awareness. More emphasis is put on social media, paid advertising, branded content, and event sponsorship.

However, these strategies can easily become costly and laborious. Particularly for small businesses, implementing a strategy involving paid advertising can be difficult. In comparison, SEO is a cost-friendlier and viable means for building brand awareness.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of SEO in increasing brand awareness

SEO is an Organic Strategy

A quality SEO strategy involves specific on-page or off-page work to help websites rank higher. However, for the most part, it does not involve payments of any kind. You can’t pay Google to make your website rank high. Gaining visibility and organic traffic is free.

A good SEO strategy, of course, involves time, professional expertise, and tools to work well. Still, it is much more cost-effective when compared to other strategies, both offline and digital.

SEO strategies are particularly useful for building brand identity for small businesses. These businesses find it quite difficult to compete with big brands. But in SEO, you can develop strategies focused on niches and long-tail keywords with less competition to help businesses rank higher on SERPs.

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It Increases Brand Reach

Search engines are widely used on the internet. According to Google, a search engine processes 2 trillion searches per year. A good SEO strategy will always help websites rank high. And when a business ranks high on organic searches, they automatically gain the reach they are looking for. Not only that but when a business ranks high on organic searches, the chances of conversion increase. Because they are appearing for queries of people who are interested in the products or services your business has to offer.

It Establishes Authority in the Market

A business ranking in the top positions in Google or any other search engine has the attention of the public and the search engine. It is in that position because it delivers the best response and the best user experience.

When users find your website ranking at the top place, they take your website as an authority in your domain. This perception helps build brand value since it attaches an authority to your brand, and thus the brand image also gets strengthened in the consumer’s mind.

SEO Content Strengthens Branding

A web page only ranks topmost when it offers valuable content to users. The content must answer the user queries and enrich the readers regarding what they are searching for.

These types of content show how the brand can help people. They need not be sales or promotional articles but can be solutions to doubts, difficulties, and queries of the users.

This educational or informative characteristic of Content Marketing is a sure winner. This strengthens branding and brings confidence to the brand. And when the content ranks topmost, it gains more visibility and reaches.

Improves Website Experience

A typical part of SEO is creating a valuable user experience for the website. The website must be fast-loading, easy to use, and accessible on all platforms to be able to provide a great user experience.

With a good user experience, a visitor feels well-guided, at ease, and welcomed to accomplish what they want. This not only helps in conversion but also enhances brand awareness, all of which helps the brand build a more positive perception of the brand.

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